29.11.2018 – A Trip down Memory Lane

St Boniface Anglican Cathedral was built in 1962.   It sits atop one of two hills adjacent to each other in the central Bunbury City area, the Catholic Cathedral being on top of the other hill.

9 July 1977 – Our wedding at St. Boniface Anglican Cathedral, Bunbury conducted by the Anglican Minister and with a Catholic Priest in attendance to give his blessing.

Lee was late – why? She was waiting in the car park for her mother to arrive with her car load of elderly relatives whom she had taken to the Catholic Cathedral nearby and on entering, wondered why they didn’t recognise any of our family or friends in that congregation! A situation made more surprising by the fact that she insisted the wedding take place in the Anglican Cathedral!

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Queens Gardens, Bunbury, WA and the South West Migrant Memorial

Across Blair Road from Bunbury CBD, Queens Gardens provides open spaces and walkways, bordering the waterway off Koombana Bay.  Within the grounds, the Friendship Garden to commemorate Bunbury’s link with cities in Japan, China and Vietnam.

Last week was the official opening of the South West Migrant Memorial within the Queens Gardens, commemorating the difficult struggle of non-English speaking migrants to the area from the early 1900’s and the positive influence they had in the development of the South West. A very impressive sculpture (about 9.years in its conception and development) that has leaves engraved with details of migrants and information.

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Queens Park is also the location of the Bunbury Markets on the first and third Saturday mornings of each month, almost year round. http://www.thebunburymarkets.com.au/



Found: Pandora Bracelet

Mike has been down the back beach at Bunbury, Western Australia near the Surf Club, with his metal detector today and found someone’s Pandora Bracelet with some trinkets on it.

If the owner would like to email us via this web site with a description of the bracelet and trinkets, we would love to return it to them.

Go to the Contact page our web page:


or email:


28.11.2018 – Bunbury City

Living in Bunbury in our teens, Victoria Street was the main street where we shopped and when Mike got his driver’s licence, travelled Victoria and nearby streets, doing ‘bog laps’ of the town and looking ‘cool’. Many of the original buildings are still there.

IMG_9475 (R)This building on Stephen Street at one end of Victoria Street, was originally a private dwelling that became a Maternity Hospital and is now the Bunbury and Districts Senior Citizens Centre. It overlooks Anzac Park and the new Library.

IMG_9477 (R)
Intersection of Victoria Street on Stephen Street, view to Boulter’s Heights Look-Out
IMG_9478 (R)
Anzac Park, Library and Catholic Cathedral in the background
IMG_9473 (R)
Memorial at Anzac Park

Further down Victoria Street, The Rose Hotel was a favourite of ours when living in Bunbury and still is. It was built in 1865 by Samuel Rose and is one of the longest-serving hotels in Western Australia.

IMG_9496 (R)


27.11.2018 The Port of Bunbury, Western Australia

A wander around the Port, the distribution point for products from the South West of Western Australia. Major commodities the Port deals with include alumina, mineral sands, wood chips, caustic soda and silica sand. From time to time, cruise ships also dock at the Port.

Originally, in 1803, it was called “Port Leschenault” by Captain Baudin and the townsite was declared in 1836. In 1909 the Bunbury Harbour Board, created by an act of Parliament, took control of the Port.

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26.11.2018 – Bunbury Wildlife Park

Mike and his Dad went on a visit to Bunbury Wildlife Park, near “Big Swamp” wetlands.  (Yes, that’s its official name and yes, it is a big swamp.)


The Wildlife Park is a small wildlife park with a walk-through aviary and a mix of birds and animals, many resting. There is a café as well as BBQ/picnic areas, and play areas. A good place to visit with young children.

The area has improved greatly compared to what we used to know as a swamp area and rubbish tip back in the 1970’s when we lived in Bunbury.


25.11.2018 – Road Trip! Bunbury, Western Australia

Breakfast cooked for us at home and then we were on the road to Bunbury. After the long haul from Brisbane, Perth to Bunbury easy and we were there in seemingly no time.

We took Mike’s Dad, Laurie for afternoon tea with other family members, to the Summer Beach Kiosk within the newly redeveloped Koombana Bay area. Big improvements to the bay and can recommend the Blueberry and Lemon cake! Nice outlook from the Kiosk over the Bay. Threatening clouds overhead, but we stayed dry.

Took advantage (with some other family members) of the cheaply priced “Roast Night” Buffet at Australind Tavern  for dinner and ate our fill with a few catch-up drinks.

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24.11.2018 – André Rieu & His Johann Strauss Orchestra

We had purchased tickets for this performance ages ago and in the excitement of coming home, had forgotten all about it until we heard the advertisement on the radio a few days before, resulting in a sudden change in plans.

Parking at Wilsons Parking, 427.Murray Street, Perth – reasonably priced at $10 for evening – then to have a quick dinner and despite being well patronised, we enjoyed a delicious meal served with amazing speed, at Simple Italian Cucina Pizzeria, 413.Murray Street, Perth. Efficient and pleasant service. Would like to go there again for a more leisurely dining experience. www.simpleitalian.com.au

Walking a couple of blocks, we entered the Perth Arena complex for our first visit, along with about 15,000 others. And the performance? Better than we had expected. Knew the music would be well worth going to listen to, but we were surprised by the showmanship  and comedy of not just André Rieu, but all the members of his orchestra, choir and singers. The costumes were magnificent and the talent superb. There was surprise after surprise throughout the performance. One of these moments was when the lady pianist in her beautiful off the shoulder, voluminous gown, sudddenly whipped off the skirt to reveal a short skirt and she did a tap-dancing routine on the top of the grand piano, now being played by a male pianist with the entire orchestra and singers involved in “Tutti Fruttti” – WOW!

About 20 mins before the performance of André Rieu & His Orchestra to a full Perth Arena


23.11.2018 – Perth Christmas Lights

We were taken out for a family dinner at Uncle Billy’s, Chinatown in Roe Street. Two storey establishment that flowed to tables outside.  And busy!  Guess we’re not the only ones who know how good the food is. Fabulous banquet meal at very reasonable price.

From there, a wander on the Christmas Light Trail for a short distance around Perth which has changed so much in the last few years. The open space plan near the train station and Horseshoe Bridge has been completed and we took in the view from the upper level.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas – everywhere you go …..

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Good Idea No. 5 – Check your equipment – AGAIN!

We purchased the caddy in New South Wales a year ago to use for towing our Suzuki. Now back in Perth, and coming up to registration renewal time, we decided to have it registered in Western Australia.

After having the caddy officially weighed and inspected in Perth, not only have we discovered that the NSW registration papers were incorrect in that the tare weight was 120.kgs heavier than the caddy’s actual tare weight, but the tyre guards were out past the tyres too far, making the caddy 5.cms over-width.

That now fixed, papers in order, registration in WA now complete – but what a hassle. Ready for another road trip tomorrow – heading south.

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