A little history before we go….

In late 1977, Mike and I as newlyweds set off from Bunbury, Western Australia in our Hiace pop-top campervan to travel and work around Australia.

In short, we never went further than Victoria.  In 1978 Mike was presented with a unique opportunity back in Perth.  By that stage, we had lived in a caravan park in Adelaide for around 8 months, trading in our campervan on a car and  living firstly, in a 6’x4’ caravan and then a 20’ caravan.  We have since then, gone on holidays in: tents, caravans and motorhomes and have taken our two sons with us, when they were young.

During Mike’s working life he has spent around 35 years in the motor industry in various capacities, 25 years of that involved in the recreational vehicle industry.  Mike will continue to be involved in the RV industry (part time), as well as other work opportunities that present along the way.

My work history has been predominantly in the legal field, in secretarial and receptionist capacities.  For the better part of 20 years I have worked from home, turning audio files into typed documents.  When camped, the front passenger seat of our motorhome quickly turns into a comfortable, compact office so that I can continue my work during week days.  Extra modifications to the motorhome were required to be done to ensure continuation of work and the stringent security required for my equipment and work.

As with everyone’s lives, we too have had our highs and lows over the years.  We have both been acutely aware, and have experienced, how easily unexpected events can happen, following which you re-assess your life and redefine your priorities.

We are blessed to have in our family, two wonderful sons and their lovely partners.

Approaching retirement, but not ready to retire, we do not wish to ever say in retrospect:  “Wish we had done this sooner” or “We have left it too late”.  At our age, we want comfort in our full time mobile home/office and therefore upgraded to our third motorhome, which suits our requirements very well.

Therefore, 40 years since we left Bunbury on our first working holiday, we are once again taking to the road on an indefinite working holiday within Australia, hopefully a little wiser.

We are excited about this next stage in our life and future adventures on the road.  We hope you will choose to join us from time to time.