26.01.2019 AUSTRALIA DAY

We celebrate Australia Day this year at Tamworth and look back upon all that makes Australia great. We live in a lucky country built upon the hard work and experiences of many. We are lucky to live in a part of the world that is generally speaking, at peace. Let us work together, all people of Australia, to keep this great nation in peace, caring for each other and working towards an even better Australia.

Maybe today is a pertinent day to remind our elected representatives that they were elected to represent all Australians and instead of thinking of the best way forward for particular parties to reach and win the next election, to start working together for the best decisions for our country.

We would like to see better management of the welfare system, more residences and facilities for homeless, better mental and physical services. Our returned service men and women should be better looked after. We are not a third world country and people, for whatever reason, should not be begging or sleeping on our streets. It is offensive for this to be happening when considerable funds are being spent elsewhere on not so needy things – artistic structures as just one example, but there are many.

Go Forward Australia!

flag of australia