05.01.2019 – Burra – Lockup and Gaol

The Police Lockup and Stables (1847-1878) are located near the Court House in Burra, a grim location for those discovered on the wrong side of the law and worse, once convicted, time in Redruth Gaol (1856-1894). These places are also unlocked by our Burra Heritage Key.

Police Lockup and Stables:


After the Redruth Goal closed, it was a family home for a while, but in 1897 it became Redruth Girls’ Reformatory – a form of prison – until 1922. Used as a family home between 1943 and 1956, in 1979 the building was used in the filming of “Breaker Morant”.

The information and displays at these location are definitely worth a visit.