04.01.2019 – Good Idea No. 7

“On the road” courtesy to others is not just about being respectful to other drivers. It can avoid unnecessary angst and risk taking and help everyone get to their destination safely. We have travelled approx. 10,000.km in just over two months and we have seen our share of bad driving.

So the good idea? It is about basic courtesy, and involves several practices, mostly common sense.

It is essential that anyone, but particularly those who travel in motorhomes or towing caravans, leave plenty of room for faster moving vehicles to overtake. Travelling in convoy with our friends, we try to leave a substantial distance between us, such as that in the photo below, to allow for safe overtaking. (Yep, that dot near the horizon is our travelling companions’ rig.)

IMG_0989 (R)

Watch for the heavy haulage trucks and pull over where possible, to let them pass. They are working and have a time schedule to keep.  Similarly, look for opportunities to safely pull off the road if traffic starts building up behind you in areas where overtaking is hazardous. On long haul routes across Australia, rest areas are plentiful and easy and safe areas to pull in to let others pass.

And for those towing caravans for the first time?  We recommend doing a towing course where drivers learn all the do’s and don’ts about towing caravans. On our travels we have seen numerous demolished caravans on the side of the road and heard plenty about people selling up to do their ‘lap’ of Australia only to come to grief when their caravan ‘gets the wobbles’.

Safe travels!