02.01.2019 – Elliston Caravan Park, South Australia

Twas a fairly warm and a bit windy the day we arrived for a two night stay at Elliston Caravan Park, within a short walk to the beautiful beach of Waterloo Bay.

Elliston Caravan Park is a basic caravan park and reasonably priced. We would go there again. The first full day there however was over 42.degrees and we basically sat inside the motorhome with the air-con going. Early morning and late afternoon was perfect for walking to the beach and out the jetty.

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The jetty was once the town of Elliston’s life line.  Originally sailing ships and then steamships came with all provisions and supplies for the townsfolk.  Wool, wheat and barley were exported. As time went by, shipping was unprofitable (and unreliable since ships would not enter if the sea was rough) and ceased altogether in 1965.  Look closely at the photos of the jetty: some of the struts are rusted away, although work has been done on the jetty to preserve it.

There are great facilities by the beach for a BBQ and to watch over the bay as the sun goes down.

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