01.01.2019 – Onwards to Streaky Bay, South Australia

Nullabor Roadhouse is always another rest stop for us but not re-fuelling at $1.99 per litre. Have enough to get to Nundroo and pay $1.499 per litre.

IMG_1116C (R)

At Ceduna we passed through the quarantine station without incident, however after refuelling at $1.439 per litre, arrived 5.minutes too late at the supermarket to restock our groceries and continued on our journey.

Streaky Bay is a RV Friendly Town and what used to be a cricket ground (next to the new sporting complex) is now a camping spot, no facilities, for self-contained vehicles at $10 per vehicle for the night.

Within easy walking distance, the caravan park (fully booked) overlooking the bay and where we walked to the Fish & Chip shop for dinner. After being told there as a 1 and 1/2.hour wait for orders and they had run out of chips, we walked back to our vehicle to make dinner and stock up on bread, fruit and vegetables next morning.

Mike has got the hang of his drone and took a 360 of Streaky Bay from our camp site.