31.12.2018 – Unique Trees

Having traversed the Madura Pass and admired the scenery as we travel from the plateau down to the coastal plain, our travels take us towards Mundrabilla and on to Eucla.  In this area, some unique trees can be seen and we would have taken more photos, but where they are growing, it is too dangerous for us to park a big rig by the road.

These singularly unique trees are all from the same family and are normally leafless.  The family includes the “Thong Tree” (Flip-flops), “Cup Tree”, “Undies Tree” and “Bra Tree”. A small “Shirt Tree” seems to have sprouted as well.

IMG_0963C (R)

IMG_0990C (R)

IMG_0967C (R)

IMG_0981C (R2).jpg