31.12.2018 – Kamikaze Locusts

Continuing our trek along the 90.mile straight, we today again drove through a section of road designated for the Royal Flying Doctor Service as an emergency runway, clearly marked and with gravel sidings to get out of the way.

Lee was driving when about 60.kms before the Caiguna roadhouse, the Kamakazi Locusts started, in their thousands, all the way to Caiguna where Mike was distressed to see the front of the motorhome. What a mess – and the splattered insects cooked in the heat on to the window and paintwork, were smelly too.

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Mike cleaned it up and we pressed on towards Madura, but two minutes down the road, the window was covered again and it got worse and worse, for at least another 30.kms. See video below for some of the action.

As we passed by a cyclist on a push bike, we wondered how he would fare, cycling towards nearly 100.kms of locusts. He was covered in black clothing and no illuminated colour on him. A silly thing to do at the best of times, but especially on this highway.