30.12.2018 – It’s a bumpy road!

From Bakers Hill and on through the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia, the roads are often not as smooth as one would wish. Today our Fit Bit watches read that we had done over 20,000 steps on the drive towards Norseman, passing familiar landmarks, and following the Kalgoorlie Pipeline. (C Y O’Connor & Pipeline: Blog 02.11.2018 – Shall we pick up a hitchhiker?)

One of our rest stops: Southern Cross, at the site of an old cemetery. What remained of headstones from the surrounding area have been preserved, laid into concrete, and panels listing the deceased from 1888-1899 show Typhoid a major problem in the last 1800’s in the area. One panel lists lives lost away from town, mainly thought to be because of thirst. Tougher times back then.

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