Merry Christmas to you, Christmas Tree!

Memories of Christmas past, many that live on in our private thoughts, but many of which we re-live in the present – of family traditions; recipes re-used each year handed down through generations; the ornaments on our old and somewhat uneven Christmas tree. The tree that every year we say we should update and every year gets packed away to the next year. It is certainly never going to win any awards for “best display”!

But that tree holds so many memories of such happy times.

Such as when our boys were little and we decorated the tree with precious decorations made by them at school and tried to remember whose turn it was to put the star on the top – with Mike lifting them up to reach and Lee taking photos or videos (that were often used the next year to settle arguments). And the time our teenager Stephen, erected the tree and paid absolutely no attention to the fact that the smaller branches should all be placed above larger branches! But Candace still married him. What an odd looking tree we had that year, especially when it’s uppermost part decided to bend at an odd angle to the rest of the tree, however handyman Mike fixed that. Then there was the time we had an odd space in our new home and put the Christmas tree there as it happened to be Christmas time, however we didn’t know what else to put in the space and it stayed through January until in late February it became a decorated “Birthday Tree” for Mike’s birthday. This year David and Jessica erected the tree and we sat back watching and enjoying our latest memory.

Though the tree holds many memories, so many more spill forth as we decorate the tree.  Among the newer baubles and lights, some ornaments are a little worse for wear being handed down from family members or given as gifts, each with its own special memory. 

And the future? No doubt after Christmas 2018 our tree will once again be packed carefully away with the ornaments until next year, when the cycle continues, and we look forward to many more happy family Christmases, cherishing our times together and fondly remembering those no longer with us.

We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and safe travels!

Mike & Lee 

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