09.12.2018 – Wave Rock, Hyden, Western Australia

This is our third time to visit Wave Rock and still we are amazed by it.  Wave Rock is part of Hyden Rock – an outcrop of granite – and we took the upgraded walk trail to the top and walked the trail on top, looking across the nearby golf course, farming country and salt lakes. Near its base is a caravan park adjacent to a large parking area, able to accommodate our rig.

This area is a top tourist spot and unsurprisingly, tourist buses came and went during our time on the rock, as did the stupid tourists who risked life and limb climbing over barriers to take their selfies.

One expects that on top of the rock would be ‘just rock’ but it is far from that. We could imagine the Aborigines who came to drink from the pools of water lying in the lower areas of the rock and hunt the lizards chased into rock crevices. The surface was undulating and small trees and bushes grew here and there. Large boulders balance on open areas of rock and the views are fantastic. As we came to the end of our walk over the top of the rock outcrop, down in a bit of a gully was an area covered with a large number of rock piles tourists have put together which turned a majestic place of natural beauty into something of a ‘kiddies corner’. Pity.

Also in the area, other rock formations to visit and marked walks, but not today, we are way too hot after our trek.