08.12.2018 – Lakes of Esperance, Western Australia

The end of the day is nigh and since we leave Esperance early next day, we are trying to cram in the sights of Esperance before we leave.

The famous Pink Lake – named for its once very pink colour, is now nowhere near pink for various reasons, causing a decrease in the level of salt. At high concentrations, an alga produces a red pigment, giving salt lakes their pink colour. IMG_0493 (R)

Nearby Pink Lake is a series of lakes and our next stop was at Windabout Lake where we saw many bleached dead trees eerily stretching out of the lakes. We walked along the Kepwari Trail past Woody Lake and on towards Lake Wheatfield where we crossed a boardwalk to one of two bird hides. Great walk and would like to have done the canoe trail.

IMG_0499 (R)

IMG_0518 (R).jpg