08.12.2018 – Thistle Cove, Cape Le Grand National Park

Driving between the bays, two rock mountains dominate the view. The first has it’s top section overhanging an area where trees grow, more than half way up on one side.  The second, Frenchman’s Peak has a large cavity and sky can just be made out coming through the cavity from the other side. There is a “difficult” walking trail of about 3.kms return, for those wishing to go to the summit for what we believe must be a magnificent view.

IMG_0273 (R)

IMG_0277 (R)

At Thistle Cove we didn’t explore the beach, but walked over the large area of rocks. Set back from the ocean, closer to the car park, is Whistling Rock. As we approached Whistling Rock, the sound of the ocean came to us from the rock – in the opposite direction from the ocean, a strange experience. On the rocks by the ocean, a flat area with metal fixtures for rock fishermen to shackle themselves for safety. Despite these fixtures and the life ring hanging nearby, we could see people fishing from the rocks a long way away.

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