06.12.2018 – What is wrong with this picture?

Don’t know?  Here’s some help:

IMG_20181206_080219 (R)

We reached Albany early and did a lap of the block before parking in the main street, considering it too difficult to access the car park of the shopping centre, a short distance from where we parked. Straight after, a red car parked in front of us. I had some work to type and Mike went to the shops for supplies. We could not work out why the driver chose to park in the bus lane when there was an almost empty car park at the shopping centre?

Next, a person with their shopping from the shopping centre, returned to the red car and left.

Almost straight away, a Mercedes parked there, this time with even less space for us to negotiate out of the bay.

IMG_0536 (R)

Mike returned, we were ready to depart and the owner of the Mercedes was standing outside on the foot path. Mike politely asked him if he would mind moving forward slightly to make it easier for us to leave. The driver objected. Mike pointed out to the driver that he was in a bus stop with room to move forward. The driver said it was a loading bay and told Mike to look at how Mike was parked.  (??)  He refused to move and was obnoxious and Mike told him him so. Thankfully the car behind us left and once Mike started to reverse, THEN the driver drove his Mercedes forward slightly and as we drove out of the bay, he reversed into it. One meets all kinds on the road.