01.12.2018 – Summertime – Let’s head for the Beach!

IMG_9545 (R)

First stop further south, Busselton. Have been there many, many times but this time, the town was hosting an Iron Man event and the place was crowded out. We decided that having already been to the end of the jetty before and viewed the underwater aquarium there some years ago, that we would pass on doing it again when we saw the admittance prices, and took to the road again.

After parking at our camping spot in Witchcliffe, we unhooked the Suzuki and drove to spend the latter part of the afternoon at Hamelin Bay.  What a beautiful spot.

The remnants of the jetty, used in the late 1800’s for timber export via ship, is on the beach and some of its structure is visible out to sea. For a better view, we climbed to the top of the nearby cliff, following the track and boardwalks.

It was a bit windy and the sea slightly rough, but we could just make out the stingrays in the water swimming at the shoreline. In this area, three types of stingrays are protected and they are known for swimming into shore to the delight of visitors. Many families were enjoying the beach and fishing, no doubt staying at the nearby cabins and caravan park.

In the bay are apparently remains of shipwrecks and reefs that provide for good snorkeling or scuba diving, although signs warn of the dangers in doing so. As we sat on the beach we could see on almost the horizon, the waves building up and crashing on what we assume were reefs.

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