24.11.2018 – André Rieu & His Johann Strauss Orchestra

We had purchased tickets for this performance ages ago and in the excitement of coming home, had forgotten all about it until we heard the advertisement on the radio a few days before, resulting in a sudden change in plans.

Parking at Wilsons Parking, 427.Murray Street, Perth – reasonably priced at $10 for evening – then to have a quick dinner and despite being well patronised, we enjoyed a delicious meal served with amazing speed, at Simple Italian Cucina Pizzeria, 413.Murray Street, Perth. Efficient and pleasant service. Would like to go there again for a more leisurely dining experience. www.simpleitalian.com.au

Walking a couple of blocks, we entered the Perth Arena complex for our first visit, along with about 15,000 others. And the performance? Better than we had expected. Knew the music would be well worth going to listen to, but we were surprised by the showmanship  and comedy of not just André Rieu, but all the members of his orchestra, choir and singers. The costumes were magnificent and the talent superb. There was surprise after surprise throughout the performance. One of these moments was when the lady pianist in her beautiful off the shoulder, voluminous gown, sudddenly whipped off the skirt to reveal a short skirt and she did a tap-dancing routine on the top of the grand piano, now being played by a male pianist with the entire orchestra and singers involved in “Tutti Fruttti” – WOW!

About 20 mins before the performance of André Rieu & His Orchestra to a full Perth Arena