02.11.2018 – The Longest Day

Leaving the rest area at Penong, South Australia, today we shared the driving to see how far we could go in daylight. With the time zones changing and moving west, we gained some daylight to make it a long day.

We travelled the highway inland through the Nullarbor (treeless) Plain and then towards the coast at the top of the Great Australian Bight, stopping past where the cliffs are this time, to see the beaches. Then pressed on crossing the border from South Australia in our home State. After such a great distance on the coastal plain, it is surprising to follow the highway, ascending at Madura Pass to another flat plain.  The view over the coastal plain from the Lookout there is amazing.

Once we had reached Caiguna and the 90 Mile Straight – Australia’s longest straight road of 146.6.kms – we were on the ‘home straight’.

All day apart from the other recreational vehicles like us on the highway, we passed many long haulage trucks, some we had to pull over off the road to let pass. We lost count of the trucks with long loads of hay, some travelling in convoy, taking the hay to drought stricken farmers in New South Wales and Queensland.

Several sections of the highway have been modified as emergency runways for the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

And then there were the surprises – cyclists! I guess to them this highway is the Everest of highways.

After 1,112.9.kms for the day, we were glad to reach the rest area on the other side of Norseman, and knowing we were going to be home the next day.

If you are going to watch the slideshow, it’s a long one – grab a cuppa!

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