01.11.2018 – Kimba, South Australia – We’re half way there

IMG_8101 (RR)
Port Augusta, South Australia

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After a leisurely start to the day, Lee finished work that had arrived overnight and we set off for Ceduna, passing the iron ore mine at Iron Knob and stopping at the Roadhouse in Kimba where the “Big Galah” stands and marks a half way point across Australia. The Roadhouse has been taken over recently by new owners who are starting renovations and improvements. The facilities are old, but clean and the food good!

As for the Big Galah:

IMG_8136 (R).jpg

We have travelled approx. 2,085.kms and have approx. 2,242.kms to go to home. To put it into perspective for our English relatives: Land’s End to John O’Groats (the two extremities of Great Britain) is approx. 1,407.kms.

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With the use of our antennae, Lee was able to keep track of any work arriving via emails and we were able to continue on to Ceduna, stopping by the ocean for the main part of the day for Lee to work. Mike tried his luck on the beach with his metal detector, finding the usual can pulls and a total of 55.cents. From the amount of noise emitted from the detector he thinks there must be a shipwreck or something buried under the sand.


IMG_0373 (3R).jpg
Ceduna, South Australia

With Lee’s work completed for the day, as the sun started to come down to the water, we set off for a nearby roadside stop near Penong for an early night’s rest. Tomorrow: The Nullarbor and a big day of travelling ahead.

We are using “Petrolspy.com” to try and gain insight into diesel prices across Australia. Sometimes very helpful, but as it relies on people power to list the prices, it can be days or months out. Since leaving Brisbane, diesel prices have fluctuated between $1.579 per litre to $1.689. Between Ceduna, South Australia and Norseman, Western Australia, the prices hike up and stations in the remote locations do not advertise their prices – one has to go to the fuel bowser to see what the rate is. Via Petrolspy, we determined in the centre of this remoteness, prices were up to $2.14 per litre, so it was important to plan our journey to Norseman and how we could avoid the dearest diesel. However with locations being such long distances apart, we would have to put some diesel into our tank at one of the $2+ stations to avoid running out.