31.10.2018 – Next Stop: Port Augusta, South Australia

Pushing on from Broken Hill/Motorhome, more barren scenes with differing areas of bush, trees, plains and hills. Some preserved and ‘hotted up’ cars passed us by, one taking his chances overtaking on a solid white line. Eventually we came through the hills on our approach to Port Augusta. Exiting the hills our attention turned to the very high tower stretching from the flat land near the top of Spencer Gulf at Port Augusta. Near the top of the tower, a massively bright light. We had plenty of time to observe the tower as we waited for one of the 60+ carriage long train to pass.

Only later with the benefit of Google, did we find out this tower is a world-leading, concentrated solar power (CSP) tower plant. 127.metres tall, the tower collects the sun’s rays from a 51,500m² solar field consisting of more than 23,000.heliostats to supply heat, power and desalinated water used to grow tomatoes in greenhouses at the site. 15,000.tonnes are expected to be produced annually and creates jobs for around 175.people.

Port Augusta Sports Club RV Park was our stopping point. Nothing flash. Wide parking area on gravel with dump point and water available, all that we needed. Access through the parking area to the Sports Club to pay our $7 fee for the night and have a cool drink and dinner in their bar.

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