30.10.18 – Onwards from Cobar to Wilcannia, New South Wales

Taking advantage of the last light of the day, we hit the road again.  Not far out of Cobar we pulled over to check the vehicles and again clean the front window. Lee discovered two mounds in the ground each measuring about 30.cms diameter with whatever lives down there, able to come out of a 5.cm wide opening at the bottom. No idea on what made it and not sticking around to find out!

As we travelled into the evening to reach our camp site for the night, hundreds of kangaroos stood guard at the very edge of the bitumen, not moving, whether it be because of the sound from the “shoo roos” mounted on our vehicle, our bright spot lights or the knowledge of not wanting to be struck as their mates had on this busy trucking route? All were trying to feed on the minuscule amounts of grass growing at the edges of the road in an area hugely affected by long term drought. As we approached, each would lift their head from feeding and stand like statues as we passed. An experience never encountered before and glad to get to our rest area.

Tonight’s camp: Wilcannia Rest Area, approx. 16.kms on the western side of Wilcannia.

Today’s effort: 657.3.kms


IMG_7370 (R)


IMG_7371 (R)