30.10.2018 – And on the third day…

Another early start and now we are travelling through outback New South Wales. We passed by occasional areas of green grass but for the most part, acres of dry, dusty dirt and dried out scrub. Sheep, cows and goats graze roadside and are just something else to watch out for as we drive the country roads. Some bare paddocks had sheep grazing – but we could not see what they were eating. From where we were there appeared to be just dirt. Slim pickings for the two emus we saw as well.

As we neared Brewarrina, it was curious to us a fairly new lot of fencing on one side of the highway that stretched for kilometre after kilometre. On the other side of that fence, land cleared for what seemed like an extraordinarily wide firebreak.  Beyond that, only trees – no lush farmland – it was as dry as any other properties we had been driving past. We wondered of the need for the fencing and what use the property had behind that fencing.

Entering Bourke Shire, evidence of recent rainfall with more patches of green, but with that came the road kill of wild animals killed at night, coming to the roadside for the green grass. Overhead, hawks and eagles hovered before joining crows to feast upon the carcasses.

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