29.10.2018 – Day Two of the Big Road Trip

Up with the birds, we had a good start to the day.

As we drove towards the New South Wales border, there was a long stretch of road with a concentration of prickly pears growing roadside, the largest specimens we have encountered and the most in an area. Prickly pears are an introduced plant to Australia and have the ability to survive drought and affect the survival of other plants near it as well as spreading easily to other areas and can affect stock survival. These prickly pears we were passing were clumps growing like small trees – approx. 3.metres high and sometimes so dense, impenetrable for several metres.

Just out of Goondawindi, we crossed the bridge over the MacIntyre River and were in New South Wales, travelling the Newell Highway.

This being a drought affected area, cattle have been left to roam next to roads for feed. The area we were travelling through must have had rain recently as in places, there was an abundance of grass growing. Rain had fallen overnight and that morning, leaving puddles here and there on the side of the road.

After about 467.kms over the day, our stop for the night – Walgett, NSW.

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