28.10.2018 – The Rat Race

Being at the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens very early, YMCA Rat Race signs were noticeable at various places. Lee had no idea what they were for until groups of people started appearing, first as a trickle then a flood, with each group carrying a plastic blow-up chunk of cheese and following the signs through the gardens. The various activities she had seen through the gardens were the obstacles each team had to use. What a novel idea! It looked like a lot of fun – except for the running bit! People dressed up. Some wore ears on their heads, skirts with bits of ‘cheese’ around the hem, groups wore distinctive colours and dress.

The gardens were only a part of the overall race where the ‘rats’ could race for either 4km or 8km. From the gardens across the Brisbane River could be seen “The Big Cheese” where the rats traversed the holes to get through to the other side.

Money raised was for the YMCA Breakfast Programme to  provide underprivileged children with breakfast and teach students about nutrition. Great event!

IMG_6823 (R)

IMG_6816 (R)

IMG_6877 (R)