28.10.2018 – Brisbane City Botanic Gardens

Mike was spared (due to working) from taking in the sights of yet another garden with Lee. Within walking distance of the inner City, the gardens border the Brisbane River. Originally a botanic reserve was established to provide food for the early colony in 1828. In 1855 the City Botanic Gardens officially opened.

In the gardens a fountain dedicated to Walter Hill who in 1855 was the first curator of the Brisbane Botanic Gardens. When built in 1867, the fountain was a working drinking fountain made from sandstone and marble, with lions on its sides.

Walter Hill in 1858, planted a Macadamia Tree in the gardens. Lee could not determine which of the large trees in the grove was the Macadamia Tree – they were all large.

This was yet another park area of Brisbane well used by people on their Sunday morning exercise routines. Some walked/jogged the pathways through the gardens and down by the river. Some did Tai-chi. Sunday morning is market day and some of the stalls were a meeting place for breakfast. And others – well tomorrow’s blog will be all about that!

In the meantime, come for a stroll through the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens….


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