27.10.2018 – Brisbane City Hall

At King George Square, Brisbane, the impressive Brisbane City Hall building which also houses the Brisbane Museum, where 15-minute tours are available to ride the oldest electric elevator in Brisbane and view from inside it’s ‘cage’ the clocks and up to a lookout at the top. From the lookout, on an adjacent corner is the Uniting Church built in 1888-1889 and at that time, was the tallest building in Brisbane.  It was dwarfed when Brisbane City Hall claimed the title of the tallest building but itself is now small compared to the high rise buildings all around it. Also in view was part of the top of the dome of the auditorium.

Inside City Hall are marvellous examples of workmanship, from the mosaic flooring in the entrance lobby, the craftmanship on the walls and leadlight windows to the vaulted ceilings and the impressive domed auditorium.

On the ground floor, the oldest cafe in Brisbane – Shingle Inn. The original Shingle Inn was opened in 1936 and has grown to a franchise network of 53.cafés throughout Australia. Redevelopment caused the first Shingle Inn to close in 2002 and it’s original store fit-out was restored in its present home at City Hall.

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