21.10.2018 – Osprey House Environmental Centre

Osprey House is set up to educate, particularly school children, about the environment. At the far end of the car park, a pole on which osprey have re-built their nest following their first one being swept away in a storm. Above the nest, a camera streaming live to a screen inside Osprey House which has covered the nesting, eggs and now the chicks. The birds have fish from the nearby waterways.

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Even when Osprey House is not open, the boardwalks along the edge of wetlands where the North Pine and Pine Rivers flow into the Morton Bay Marine Park are accessible through the mangroves, to vantage points over the wetlands and a bird hide. In the mud of the mangroves, large numbers of small crabs scavenge and sometimes fight. In the quiet of our scenic platform, we could hear the ‘popping’ and other indistinct sounds as the tide went out over the muddy area.

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