17.10.2018 – Look who dropped in for a visit!

As mentioned previously, Lee is always on the look-out for a koala in the wild. They are hard to spot camouflaged and high up in trees, sleeping 20.hours a day. Their population is reducing at an alarming rate as their environment is affected by urbanisation. So sadly, Koalas aren’t seen very often but Lee keeps looking.

So imagine Lee’s surprise (and enormous delight) when working at the computer, she looked out the window to see a Koala on the run from crows attacking it, across the lawn outside our motor home!  The camping area at Lawnton’s Pine Rivers Showgrounds was completely unexpected. Our motor home was parked with a large open grassed area to one side with just four eucalyptus trees – their food source. Any other eucalyptus trees are outside the high chain and barbed wire fences that circle the showgrounds.

IMG_6353 (R)

Of course, Lee (camera always at the ready) went out to see if she could scare the crows off. The koala ran to the nearest tree and scaled it, with the birds in hot pursuit and the koala growling at them, as it climbed higher in the tree and closer to their nest. In case the koala might come down if she wasn’t there, Lee retreated to the motor home. After about another 15.mins of noise, it went quiet. Apparently the birds and koala decided they could co-exit high in the same tree.

We reported the sighting to the local koala preservation group who came to check on the koala, but left it where it was. Apparently koalas can negotiate high chain wire fencing with barbed wire! We did find later however, where the fence was not completely to the ground and think that is where he made his way out of the showgrounds overnight.


IMG_6354 (R)

IMG_6355 (R)

A most memorable moment.