14.10.2018 – WWI Warplane Museum

Caboolture Warplane Museum – what a wonderful way to spend a couple of hours out of the rain.

There was a very interesting collection of replica aircraft – all are flown or capable of flight. The hanger walls have a great display of information and outline the history of flight up to the end of World War I.  It is run by knowledgeable volunteers who were willing to talk about the individual aircraft and answer questions. An impressive replica of the Red Baron’s triplane was exhibited, along with an in-depth presentation of the demise of the Red Baron and his plane, originally claimed to have been shot down by a Canadian, but following the autopsy of Manfred von Richthofen it was determined the bullet that killed him came from the ground – by an Australian.

Warfare in the skies at that time was new.  Australian pilots in their late teens were learning ‘on the fly’ in Europe and had the added difficulties of hypothermia and early weaponry on those aircraft most difficult. To qualify as an “Ace” pilots shot down five or more aircraft. A wall in the hanger details what is known about the Australian Aces of WWI. Who knew we had 70 WWI Aces?

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