14.10.2018 – Mike to the Rescue!

Our visit to North Pine Dam yielded two surprises:  A couple bathing in the drizzling rain in the dam which must have been chilling for them (a dare maybe?) and a Rainbow Lorikeet running along the ground, unable to fly. After trying for some time on the phone to find help, were directed to a vet who would be open on a Sunday and who would take the bird, about 15.minutes’ drive away. Well, not only was it closed and advertising 24.hour availability, they didn’t answer their phone numbers. More time then spent on the phone until we located a vet that was open and would take the bird. Another 40.minutes’ drive. Would have been 30.minutes had we not taken a wrong turn on the highway. The bird just sat quietly the whole time, not even trying to struggle free of the towel.

It transpired that it was an adult bird (orange beak) and it had lost all its tail feathers (possibly attacked by a larger bird) and was a little underweight. It was placed with a carer and when its tail feathers grow again, could be released back to the wild.  Happy ending.

IMG_0188 (R).jpg