01.10.2018 – Nine Months on the Road!

Time is passing amazingly quickly and it is hard to believe we have been living ‘on the road’ 9.months and entering our 10th.  Now, it is time to go to Queensland.

IMG_6241 (R)
Marking the Queensland/New South Wales border


IMG_6256 (R)

Our next stop is Ipswich, Queensland – 172.kms to travel and get set up ready for Lee’s work day to begin when Perth ‘wakes up’ 2 hours after us. So it was full steam ahead and we arrived after about 2. 1/2.hrs on the road and Lee was ready when the first assignment for the day arrived.

We camped at the Ipswich Showgrounds and ‘marked time’ for 3 nights, attending to general work and business and not doing much in the way of sightseeing. A definite change in scenery and climate now we are in “Queenslander country” where many of the houses are built high off the ground.

Some prominent buildings near to the showgrounds and atypical of the more oft seen “Queenslander” style of home: