30.09.2018 – Nimbin, New South Wales

What can we say?  Nimbin is COLOURFUL.

We arrived with street markets in full swing and bright colours in abundance. We stood out as visitors – our clothing far removed from the (to our minds) unusual combinations of style, textures and colour. We resisted the temptation to purchase clothing from the abundant markets and stores in Nimbin, many that are a throw back to times of peace, love and tie dying, although I think Mike had his eye on a hat.

IMG_6224 (R)

There are many ‘colourful’ characters living in Nimbin, as seen on the web and on postcards for sale, some of whom we encountered. A very ‘alternative’ lifestyle in this area, promoting art, crafts, relaxed lifestyle and good healthy food – which probably accounted for why Mike didn’t find an ice cream store. We wandered through an art exhibition and various shops. The Nimbin Candle Factory had a unique selection of their candles for sale in stores.

A young woman standing next to Mike on a footpath, was approached and offered ‘weed’. We shouldn’t have been surprised: “Naughty” Nimbin has been known as the Weed capital of Australia; the famous/infamous building in the main street. The HEMP Embassy advertised for the legalisation of medicinal marijuana but it seems non-medicinal as well from the various implements and pictured items that were for sale.

IMG_6225 (R)

We were glad we went to explore Nimbin and were happy on leaving, to know we could be stopped by the police at the exits of the town and pass any tests they wanted to give us. We don’t know the same could be said of all folk there on the day.