30.09.2018 – Story Dogs, Rocky Creek Dam

Today was a picnic day at Rocky Creek Dam for the volunteers of “Story Dogs”.

These lovely ladies explained how they were part of a network of volunteers involved in the programme of “Story Dogs”, developed in most States of Australia, where volunteers bring their dogs to schools to assist children engaging in reading books to their listeners – the dogs. The programme is sponsored by businesses enabling this to be a free programme for children in the schools.

These particular dogs are rescue dogs, who patiently listen to children reading to them. Whilst formal studies are to be soon done to accurately assess the programme’s worth, anecdotal advice is that children, who had difficulty in reading, are now choosing which article ‘their dog’ would like to have read to them and are progressing markedly in their advancement of reading and the subject of English. Great programme and well done ladies.

IMG_9906 (R)

IMG_9912 (R)