29.09.2018 – Day Excursion: Byron Bay, New South Wales

Mullumbimby has proven to be a good spot to base ourselves for the weekend and explore the Byron Bay area.

Being Grand Final Day for the Eagles, we set off early in the day so we could be back to watch the game.  In 15.mins or so, we were at Byron Bay and it was Market Day! These markets are only for products produced in the area and the stands stretched a long distance along a pathway from the edge of the town centre. There were many stands displaying items we have never seen before. One that peaked our interest were LP vinyl records made into clocks.  The records had been cut and trimmed to show silhouette designs of all manner of topics – birds, The Beatles, AC/DC – and looked very effective.

IMG_9851 (R).jpg

Morning tea time and the highlight – WAFFLES!

IMG_9847 (R).jpg

Now, there are some great walks to take to get to the Byron Bay Lighthouse and the point, but we didn’t have the time and took a punt to drive to the Lighthouse and walk from there. Only 24 parking bays and it’s a sunny day with everyone having the same idea as us – but we were lucky and were able to park, and then walk the tracks from the Lighthouse to the point. It is high up from the ocean but we were able to watch dolphins in the water near the rocks below.

As we arrived at the lookout marking the eastern-most point of Australia, we were witness to a man suddenly dropping to one knee and proposing to his girlfriend. A great WOW moment. She was very surprised and excited. Everyone there were congratulating them and it was a very happy moment.

As with anywhere we go that is worth going to, there were the obligatory stairs.

Lunch at the Beach Hotel  – Thumbs up!  Bartender wearing Eagles beanie, born in Margaret River and moved to Byron Bay. Sections of the hotel had groups of Eagles and Magpie supporters accumulating three hours before kickoff. Time for us to vacate and head on to the next stop!

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