26.09.2018 – Nundle, New South Wales

Nundle is a small village with a number of interesting buildings.  For instance, the Mount Misery Gold Mine Café:  The original stone part of the building was constructed in the early 1860’s by stonemason George Davidson.  The building has been added to over the years and now serves as a café, a museum, as well as offering accommodation.  As we went through a door within the cafe, we were surprised to discover we had stepped back in time to the gold rush days of over a century ago.

The antique and collectibles shop is packed with items and at the front of the building, mosaic tiles have been retained from its original construction. Many buildings from when Nundle was first established have been retained and well looked after. Nundle is well known for its woollen mill and the wool products.

A visit to the cemetery at the edge of town revealed very old graves, many with monuments on a lean. One of the tallest monuments marked the demise of Sholto George, only son of George Douglas, who died in 1859 aged 12.

As we drove back to the caravan park, it had started raining. A rainbow appeared and the pot of gold at the end – Nundle.

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