25.09.2018 – Hanging Rock, New South Wales

At the intersection of the road from Nundle and the turnoff to the Hanging Rock Lookout, is located some parking area and large sign about the original Hanging Rock Village that once existed there following the discovery of gold in Swamp Creek in 1851. Some signs mark where buildings once were. Nearby, what remains of an historical cemetery where many miners and their families were buried. There is the grave of Mary Ashton, first wife of James Ashton – the founder of Ashton’s Circus – who died aged 19 in 1852 shortly after childbirth. James and his troop regularly performed at Hanging Rock in what is now a State Forest. Following the support from Ashton’s Circus during 150th Anniversary celebrations of Hanging Rock, the community erected a memorial dedicated to the memory of Mary Ashton.

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