25.09.2018 – Fossickers Tourist Park, Nundle, New South Wales

We found Fossickers Tourist Park to be a great place to make camp.  Excellent facilities, located in town, with very pleasant and helpful people running the Park.

Oakenville Creek, when it has water in it, runs through the Park. We were lucky to have a huge area of the Park to ourselves, just prior to the start of school holidays when the Park was due to fill up.

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We were parked next to an entrance to the Nundle Fishing (when there’s some water flowing) and Bird Watching Trail.  There were many birds in the area. The magpies are practically tame and don’t hesitate to come forward for any scraps.  They are busy feeding their babies in nearby nests.

All around were views of mountains.  Another beautiful location – especially at sunset.

IMG_5927 (R)