24.09.2018 – Next stop: Nundle!

From our overnight stop at Mooney Mooney Point we drove our now familiar route towards Newcastle, climbing every upwards and marvelled once again how the highway has been chiseled through massive mountains of rock.

IMG_9624 (R)

IMG_9632 (R)

Still a little weary, the Rixs Creek Rest Area 5.kms out of Singleton, was a welcome stop for a nap.  It has a generous entrance and long drive through, around and out again, with toilet facilities. All through the area, wattle was in bloom.

IMG_5761 (R)

Shortly after leaving Rixs Creek we viewed large open cut mining for coal on either side of the road and trains with 60+.carriages for transporting the coal. Climbing further upwards, views around us were fantastic and eventually, with the moon rising and the last of the day visible, we arrived at Nundle.

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