Good Idea No. 4 – Storage in Awkward Places

Got an unusually shaped storage cupboard? We solved a problem we had with storage of items in a corner cupboard with high spaced shelves and small shelf base areas.  Have been using this idea for over 8.months and happy with results.

We used ‘removable’ stick-on hooks high in the shelf area from which to hang ‘laundry bags’ – pull string and zippers – into which we placed our small clothing goods.  Discovered it was not necessary to keep the tops of the bags completely closed.


Small shelf floor, with curved front.  Very awkward space.



Just two hooks needed (pointed away from the door opening) to hang two bags on each hook.



Agree – doesn’t look pretty, but it is functional. 

Very little wasted space, it is easy to get to the four bags of ‘unmentionables’ and then shut the door! After travelling, no movement of the bags and all stays on the shelf when opening the door again.