09.09.2018 – Araluen Botanic Gardens, Western Australia

Situated in the Perth Hills area of Roleystone, Araluen Botanic Gardens has it’s annual display of tulips at this time of year.  Our son David and his lady, Jessica drove us through this scenic area to the gardens, which are beautiful at any time of the year, but during Tulip Time, are fantastic.

Araleun was originally established by JJ Simons as a camp for the Young Australia League organisation in 1929. League members and volunteers created much of the buildings, steps and terraces seen today. The park was sold in 1985 and the State Government purchased the Park in 1990. The Araluen Botanic Park Foundation has worked with the Government to restore these beautiful gardens.

IMG_5149 (R)

Water cascades down through the terraces of the Grove of the Unforgotten, and into the pool of reflection.  The Grove was planted with trees framing it in the shape of a lyre and built in memory of 88.Young Australia League members killed in the First World War.

IMG_5156 (R)