02.09.2018 – Malbup Bird Hide – Tuart Forest National Park

Close to Wonnerup House on Layman Road, is the “Possum Spotlight Trail”.  Never have we seen so many Arum Lilies! They are everywhere, growing out of tree stumps, anywhere they can get a footing. We took a detour off the trail to walk along a boardwalk over wetlands to a bird hide which overlooks the Vasse Estuary. A pleasant walk and seats within the bird hide to relax and look through the shutters to see the birds on the water. This was our last Father’s Day road trip destination to visit with Mike’s father, Laurie, on Father’s Day before returning to Bunbury.

The parking area here is small.  The driveway loops back out to the road and as you can see in the photo, not much room to park a large motor home.  Would advise if travelling in a big rig or towing a caravan, to park elsewhere and walk in to check the driveway and parking area first.

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