02.09.2018 – Ludlow Tuart Forest

Our Father’s Day road trip from Peppermint Grove Beach to our next destination took us through Ludlow Tuart Forest along Tuart Drive, the former main road between Capel and Busselton before the construction of Bussell Highway. The Ludlow Forest, protected by the Tuart Forest National Park is the only tall tuart forest left in the world.  A few other small forests exist but with tuart trees of lesser size – a far cry from the extensive tuart forests that once grew all along the sandy coast of WA over a great distance. The protected Forest is a beautiful area but under threat by weeds (Arum Lilies), some dieback disease and animals eating the seedlings of new trees.

If travelling south on Bussell Highway to Busselton, turn off right after Capel to travel Tuart Drive through the forest.  Before the intersection of Ludlow Road North on the left hand side of the road, is a small overnight free camp area where we have stayed when we owned our Sunliner Eclipse motorhome.  The area is for self-contained vehicles as there are no facilities and is simply a drive in and out around a central circular space. On the slideshow below, it is obvious how dry the area was when we last visited the forest compared to the lush green to be seen everywhere this trip following record rainfall.

Further along on the right, is Membenup Picnic Site and a billboard showing the area and trails to follow.  Care should be taken in this beautiful area with respect to mosquitos carrying Ross River Virus.

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