Your Home on the Road

In our many years of travelling and Mike working in the RV industry, we have come across RV owners who are unhappy with their vehicles and accessories because of unrealistic expectations.

We have heard complaining about china plates breaking when taken in their home on wheels, off-road, four wheel driving.

Many comments come from travellers who have just purchased a vehicle, or who haven’t done much travelling. Therefore, to those thinking of starting an adventure on the road…

It all sounds so obvious, but sometimes it’s easy to forget simple things in our enthusiasm to get away on the road. Your home is on wheels. It is not built like your home on land. It will travel over bumpy roads and through wide-ranging climates. Items in cupboards will move. Unless packed properly, breakables will break, items will fall out of overhead cupboards. The fridge isn’t like the fridge at home. Etc., etc., etc.

We ourselves have learnt a lot by experience. Going over some bumps in the road can bring down anything hanging up in our wardrobe to result in a tangled mess of coat hangers and clothes on the floor – especially if like us, you have used cool drink can openers to hang three or four wire coat hangers in a line from the rail!

We have had the overhead cupboards empty their contents over our heads. And we continue, despite all our past travelling, to learn more.  More recently, about towing our Suzuki on a caddy behind the motorhome. We phoned “an expert” to come and view our set-up and sell us the correct strapping for around the Suzuki’s wheels on the caddy. Much to our dismay, when we first set off, the straps fell away and the Suzuki nearly came off the caddy. Back to the drawing board. (Our thanks to the service people of Sydney RV Group for assisting us in the second attempt which was successful.)

It cannot be overstated – how important it is to assess the capabilities of your RV, contents and accessories so that travel is less problematic, and everything used to maximum advantage.

The fridge seems to be the most common issue: It’s temperature capabilities in all weather conditions and which power source to use. There are many different model fridges on the market, so do your research and do not just listen to what the people on the site next to you say – they are not always right.

We discovered that the reverse cycle air-conditioner in our motor home doesn’t operate as a heater (on power) if the temperature is below about 7.degrees. Lee is still not used to the fact that she has a heater in the motor home that won’t operate because it is too cold!