12.08.2018 – Kings Cross, NSW

Kings Cross is well-known for its history of nightlife, crime, shady characters, sex, drugs and bohemian lifestyle. And what does a red-blooded male come to the Cross to enjoy?

IMG_4525 (R)

The Cross is very different today from our first visit in the mid 1970’s but easily recognisable is the El.Alamein Fountain at the edge of Fitzroy Gardens. Created by Robert Woodward and opened in 1961, it is a memorial to the Australian Imperial Forces and commemorates the Battle of El.Alamein, Egypt in WWII.

It was market day within Fitzroy Gardens when we visited and what is now common around Sydney, the ugly ‘Bin Chickens’ (Australian White Ibis) were fossicking. Up high in one of the palm trees were two chicks squabbling and squawking for food.

Further down Macleay Street, the iconic “Yellow House”, a terrace house built in 1897.  An art gallery in the 1950’s, in the early 1970’s it became part of a collaborative artist’s movement where artists such as Brett Whiteley collaborated and displayed their works.  It now houses a 100% vegetarian restaurant. Look carefully at the balcony railings.

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