12.08.2018 – Beaches of Watsons Bay, NSW

Having walked as far as we could from The Gap northwards, we then followed pathways around the Royal Australian Naval Base H.M.A.S. Watson back to the harbour side of the Watsons Bay peninsular to Camp Cove.

IMG_4420 (R)

IMG_4417 (R)


We continued on our way along stone paving and walkways to the next beach, Lady Bay Beach, Australia’s original nudist beach. The beach here and at Camp Cove ranks in the top 20 of Australia’s best beaches and considered the purest swimming waters of the City’s Harbour.  Guess it was a bit too cold for any nudists today, but next time you’re on a cruise coming in through the Heads, binoculars to port side!

IMG_4427 (R)

IMG_4424 (R)