28.07.2018 – Sydney Opera House – The White Album Concert

Having plenty of time to arrive at the Sydney Opera House, we walked from the Pyrmont Bridge through the centre of Sydney, through the Pitt Street Mall where buskers plied their craft and down to Circular Quay.  We never tire of the walk between Darling Harbour and Circular Quay, preferring to wander down whichever street takes our fancy, going in the general direction of our destination.  Nor do we get bored in the area around Circular Quay, there is so much to see and people to watch.  Great place for finding a seat and a drink and people watching.

The advertising by Lastix of cheap tickets to go a performance of The Beetles’ White Album peaked our interest.  We were not all that familiar with the names of the performers, not The White Album, but purchased the tickets because there would be 21.singers and musicians performing songs of The Beetles at a cheap price, and therefore would probably enjoy the concert.  Whilst our seats towards the back of the auditorium, it made no difference to our enjoyment of the performance.

This 2018 tour celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Beetles’ “The White Album” by Chris Cheney, Phil Jamieson, Tim Rogers and Josh Pyke is the third tour, following sold-out tours in 2009 and 2014.

A great and thoroughly entertaining performance by all, but the highlight for us was Chris (The Living End) Cheney’s musicianship.  He made his guitar S I N G.  It was fantastic to hear. Just so very glad we went.