28.07.2018 – Day Trip! Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour, NSW

No work today – Day trip!

Took the train from Penrith to Darling Harbour to view the James Cameron Exhibition “Challenging the Deep” at the Australian National Maritime Museum.

We have viewed the Museum on several occasions over the years to see various exhibitions and the Museum itself.  It is well worth the visit, inside as well as outside – to look at the submarine and other vessels.

IMG_9334 (R)

The replica “Endeavour” is of special interest to us.  It’s construction started in Fremantle, Western Australia in 1988 and it was launched in 1993. On her first leg of a world voyage from Fremantle to London via Mauritius, Reunion Island, Durban and Cape Town, she took with her commemorative mail that would be posted from London.

In 1996 we were in Sydney on a business trip and used two of these specially produced commemorative letters and envelopes to write letters to our two sons, David (then aged nearly 6.years) and Stephen (nearly 5.years) and whom were at the time, back home in Perth.  They were then posted to Fremantle in time to sail on the Endeavour when it departed for London and eventually, the letters arrived at our home. David and Stephen were taken on board the Endeavour when it was on display years later in Fremantle, but they did not receive their letters until they had both turned 21 and opened their time capsules together.  A family event fondly remembered.

However, back to James Cameron.  The Exhibition surprised us with the photos and information about the very, very young James Cameron – inventor – building his own version of a scaled down submersible and pleased that following his testing of the submersible, spoiler alert! – the mouse survived. Impressive and informative displays, with films, of his scientific ability, experiences with exploration (of course including the most famous – Titanic) widened our knowledge of this movie-maker/explorer as being someone far more complex, skilled and adventurous than we ever imagined.

For those unfamiliar with the “Endeavour”:  https://www.captaincooksociety.com/home/cook-s-ships/the-australian-endeavour-replica