July 2018 – Nepean River, Penrith NSW – Nepean Weir and Emu Ford

Prior to 1850, the Nepean River was often crossed at a low point that became known as Emu Ford.  The crossing was dangerous and later punts and then bridges provided a safer crossing.  In 1902 a sandbag weir was constructed to provide a water supply to Penrith and in 1908 it was replaced by the concrete weir seen in the photos.

On the Penrith side of the weir is a fishway that provides fish access past the concrete weir  for their journey upstream. The entrance for the fish is seen at the left of the photo (below).  Next to the fall of water in the concrete, a tall ‘slot’ where the fish enter and then negotiate graduated levels under  a pathway next to the fencing, and then into the weir.

The hill between the river and up to Weir Reserve provides lots of fun for youngsters who bring cardboard to slide down it.  The reserve is an expansive, flat area for  picnics and a great place for weddings at the Gazebo.

At the far end of the reserve, a Japanese garden acknowledges the relationship between  the Sister Cities of Penrith and Fujieda, Japan.  Some tree planting conducted on 13.July 2005 commemorates the 20th Anniversary of the Sister City relationship.