July 2018 – Birds on The Great River Walk

The Great River Walk and parkland areas at Penrith/Emu Plains along the Nepean River is a bird-lovers paradise. There is a huge variety of birds, many so well camouflaged it is frustrating to hear and not see them. One of these is the Eastern Whipbird. It’s call featured at the beginning of the theme song for the television show “Skippy the Bush Kangaroo”. We have often heard the loud, whip-cracking sounds they make all through the section of the Walk we travel the most, but have yet to see one. Interposed with their calls, are the frequent, bell-like ‘tink’ calls of the many Bell Miners (Bellbirds) who hide very successfully in the eucalyptus trees.

Under the trees, many chittering wrens, wagtails and other small birds dart about, picking up unseen tit-bits and flying into the air to snatch small insects.  In and about the Nepean River are the water birds.

At the moment, birds are gathering materials to make nests.

The Walk is the perfect place to take a break from the hectic pace of life, close one’s eyes and listen to the amazing Bird Symphony, the Overture provided by the Bell Miners and punctuated from time to time by the presto pizzicato music of birds protecting their nests.

Forewarning:  The following slide shows are for serious bird-lovers only!

Photos were taken during only two visits.  There is an abundance of birds here.

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