21.07.2018 – Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park – West Head Battery

IMG_2826 (R)

We were preparing to leave the West Head Lookout when Lee saw the sign marking the steps down an army track to the WWII Military Battery below. Mike glanced at the sign and took off down the steps straight away – until Lee called him back to have another look at the detail on the sign:


Lee had already seen the first set of stone steps Mike had gone down! Her concern?  How she would negotiate the unknown values of the last three above mentioned details. She could no doubt go down, but could she make it back up again?  And before the park closed? Visions of being stranded on stone steps overnight, having passed out from exhaustion, flooded her mind. The EverReady Bunny could do it easily, but wouldn’t be able to piggy-back her to the top!

Well of course, you the reader, will have guessed the answer.

The sign wasn’t wrong. The stone steps continued in very steep descent from the top of this “huge, towering mountain” with very little break from the continuing winding and steep descent, down to a metal constructed look-out point, from where there were two ladders leading down to more stone steps and the abandoned battery buildings. By the end of the descent, Lee’s legs were like jelly and the dread had set in on how to survive the ascent.

Once near the water, we were able to explore the old battery buildings and store room. From inside the buildings we could experience the views seen by army personnel of WWII in their watch to defend any enemy invasion from the ocean.

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And then it was time for the return journey….. not helped by the fact that the EverReady Bunny had his batteries fully charged! He would run up sections and then wait for Lee. Someone passed by Mike while they were descending, reached Lee, and asked her if ERB was trying to avoid a parking ticket.  Lee eventually made it back to the top, the experience well worth the effort.